Get ready for Workday

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In early 2022, Suncor will implement Workday, a new HR system that will simplify and standardize common HR-related tasks, making it easier to view your pay statements, book time off, view your work schedule, update your personal information and more.

Benefits of using Workday  

Workday is intuitive and easy to use, like your favourite website or online banking app. You’ll be able to quickly navigate around to do what you need to do.

Get ready for your new Workday

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Workday is mobile and accessible in multiple ways (web and app). You can access Workday from any computer browser or from your personal device for easy access – and it’s off the Cisco AnyConnect VPN. Note: You will need your Suncor credentials and multi-factor authentication to use Workday.  

View your pay in the Workday app. Workday gives flexibility to view your pay statement via desktop, web browser or mobile app on your personal device. Your pay statement will also look different in Workday. You’ll also have the option to deposit portions of your pay into two bank accounts for Canadian employees; no change for US employees.  

Same pay - More Options

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Paper pay statements will no longer be mailed to active employees when Workday goes live in 2022. If you have a reason to continue receiving a paper pay statement, contact the Employee Centre after go-live (not before). Pay statements will no longer be mailed out unless you’re on leave, retired or have left Suncor.  
View and manage your time in Workday. Using the Workday mobile app, you can easily view your schedule and vacation hours (accrued vacation less taken hours and includes deferred vacation as well) without accessing the VPN or a Suncor computer. You will continue to enter your hours (if you do so today) quickly and easily in Workday for leader approval.  
Your vacation time will look different. You’ll see earned hours instead of your full vacation allotment. However, don’t worry; you can book and take vacation as you always have. And you can submit your vacation requests for approval just as you do today, whether you do it yourself, through your leader or through a time administrator.  

Same vacation - Different view

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Manage changes to your benefits in one place. Workday will replace the Sun Life app in 2022, so updating details related to your benefits and enrolling in benefits will be in one application. More information will be shared closer to the 2022 benefits enrollment period. 

How to get ready for Workday

Explore and learn about Workday when and as you need it. Workday’s intuitive interface makes it easy for you to quickly learn how to perform common tasks. Learning how to use Workday is entirely up to you; you can explore the app when we go live or access resources before or after go-live to learn how to perform basic tasks like viewing your pay statement, updating personal information, checking your vacation balances, and more. 

Learning the basics of Workday takes less than 60 minutes and you can do this whenever and wherever you want, even from the comfort of your home, before go-live or after.  

Coming soon: Below will be the basic Workday resources for you to explore when and as you need them. No login credentials will be required.  

These links will be available in early 2022. We’ll update this page when links are available.  

  • Introduction to Workday for Employees and Managers  
  • Workday self-service overview for employees  
  • Employee Self-Service – Manage my time off  
  • Employee Self-Service – Manage my payroll (includes information on how to access and view your pay statement)  

Talk to your leader if you have questions about how Workday may impact you. Changes for front line employees can vary from site to site, role to role.  

When Workday goes live in 2022

(applies to Suncor employees only) 

Use Workday via web browser or download the Workday app on your personal device.   

Coming soon:  

  • How to access Workday via web browser  
  • How to access Workday via mobile devices (including personal devices)  

To access Workday at go-live

To access Workday at go-live from a personal device, you will need your Suncor network ID and password. If you do not have this information, please contact the Client Support Centre (CSC) at 1-866-276-7800. Additional instructions will be provided as this page is updated. 

Number 1

After selecting your language preference, press 1 for IT support from the Client Support Centre.

Number 2

Press 1 for Suncor users

Number 3

Enter in your Suncor personal number (also known as your badge number) for verification.

Number 4

Press 1 for Password Resets

Number 5

CSC will provide you with a temporary password and walk you through the login process to create a permanent password and be ready to access Workday when it goes live.

Visit the Account and Password Management page for more details.  

 Access support when Workday goes live.  

Once Workday is live, you’ll access Workday support in different ways, from online resources and a local support network of super users to contacting myHR, the Employee Centre and the IT service deck. Stay tuned for more details.  

Questions and answers  

Suncor Workday - FAQs

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Workday is secure and uses appropriate safeguards to protect personal information. You can review Workday’s privacy policy here .   

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Suncor’s privacy policy or practices, please contact   

If you have more questions about Workday, ask your leader or submit them via our online form.