Let’s celebrate like it’s 1999 – Who Wants to be a Millionaire’s pilot episode was released, Y2K was the biggest news story, BlackBerry 850s were the new “it” phone, and it was the first year Suncor was named on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). 

2020 marked 22 years since the DJSI was launched – and Suncor was named to the index, either the DJSI World or North America index, every year since its inception. 
The DJSI was among the very first set of global reporting indices to track the performance of the largest and leading sustainability-driven publicly listed companies worldwide, from 61 industries, based on economic, social and environmental metrics. Criteria for the DJSI selection process evolves each year, and companies must continue to improve their sustainability performance to remain on the index. 

We now work with a number of sustainability reporting organizations, sharing detailed information about our environmental, sustainability and governance performance. We also release our Report on Sustainability annually. 

“Our report reflects our commitment to continually monitor and assess the impacts and benefits of our business, and effectively share these efforts,” says Patricia O’Reilly, Director Outreach and Disclosure at Suncor. “We value transparent disclosure as a foundation for engagement and support our efforts to drive consistency and comparability of sustainability performance data.”

This includes some of the highlights we shared in our 2020 Report on Sustainability including:

Many things have changed since 1999, but there are a few things that have stayed the same, like the popularity of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire gameshow. Our commitment to sustainability also remains unchanged as we continually look to improve our performance as we transition to a low-carbon energy future.