July 21, 2020

Our Social Goal

Our social goal is a declaration of our intent to do things differently – to choose a new path that focuses on strengthening relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities starting within Suncor.
Suncor social goal infographic
This infographic reflects a traditional medicine wheel. It is important to recognize there are many different versions of the medicine wheel, and not all Indigenous Peoples make use of the wheel. Permission to use this Blackfoot concept of the Medicine Wheel was granted by Elder Casey Eagle Speaker

Suncor's social goal outlines four areas to focus on through 2025 and beyond, where we can work together to advance greater participation of Indigenous Peoples and communities in energy development. 

Strengthening relationships

We can do more to learn about the history and experiences of Indigenous Peoples, so that we can better understand one another and change the way we think and act.

Partnering with Indigenous youth

Developing Indigenous youth leadership potential through meaningful connections within and outside of Suncor.

Partnering with Indigenous businesses and communities

Increasing revenues to Indigenous businesses and communities through mutually beneficial marketing arrangements and procurement of materials and services.

Improving Indigenous workforce development

We are committed to an inclusive and diverse work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

To learn more about our social goal, check this out.