A small act of kindness goes a long way, which is true now more than ever. Whether it’s picking up groceries for your elderly neighbour, supporting someone in self-isolation, or cooking meals for those in need, we’re all doing our part and are in this together.

Every community in Canada has stories of everyday Canadians who are supporting essential work through small acts of kindness.  As active members of their local communities, our Petro-Canada retail and wholesale associates have brought a number of these stories to our attention and have asked what they can do to support them. 

Through Petro-Canada, we launched a $3 million program that empowers associates to say "Thank You" to Canadians who are doing their part during this time of COVID-19. Each community is different and has different needs; our associates will decide how best to support their own local community.

“There’s never been a time in our company’s history when we’ve been called upon more to look at what else we can do to support our communities,” says Mark Little, president and CEO. “It is our honour to be able to play our part in caring for each other through these challenging times, whether that’s leveraging the company’s supply chain to purchase, donate and distribute masks to Canada’s northern provinces, or supporting Canadians through our Petro-Canada business.”

A great example of this investment in action is Élaine Roy. For the last few weeks, Élaine - a proud owner of 12 Petro-Canada locations, has delivered a different basket of goodies to Ma Clinique Lebourgneuf, a COVID-19 medical clinic in her neighbourhood in Quebec City.

We’ve also been lending a helping hand to community in other areas of Suncor. For example, after conversations with the Canadian federal government, Suncor procured, donated and personally delivered 40,000 N95 masks to Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon – communities the Government of Canada determined most needed these critical supplies. You can learn more about that donation here. 

Many of our workers have stepped up in their personal lives to help front-line workers. You can find some of these stories here. 

We will get through this and continue to care for and support our communities. We’re stronger together!