As COVID-19 continues to spread, governments around the world are asking non-essential businesses to close and non-essential workers to stay home to help flatten the curve. Health-care workers, grocery store clerks and first responders are among many workers who remain essential during these challenging times. We also have heroes among us at Suncor. We have them to thank for keeping our operations running smoothly despite the challenges we’re facing.

While many of us are safe in our homes, it’s the front-line workers from many industries who are helping keep our homes heated, fueling the transportation of food and supplies to ensure our grocery stores and pharmacies are stocked, and even local restaurant deliveries can be made to our doorstep.  

Many of our employees, now working from home, took the opportunity to share their thanks to our front-line employees who are continuing to provide critical oil products and electricity for the well-being of Canada.

Many front-line workers are unwired, so a few managers at Base Plant came together to find a way to pass on the appreciation. Many employees offered their gratitude through an internal messaging platform, and the messages were printed to share with front-line workers.

Bee clean employee in ppe

Thank you to our essential workers, at our Suncor operations and across Canada!