Suncor Adelaide Wind Power Project

In operation since 2015, the Adelaide wind farm is located on privately owned lands near Strathroy, Ontario, in the Municipality of Adelaide Metcalfe, County of Middlesex.
A photo taken from atop the nacelle of a wind turbine, looking down at a green field below

Adelaide Wind Power Project at a glance

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Jointly owned by Suncor Energy and Aamjiwnaang First Nation, the Adelaide Wind Power Project consists of 18 wind turbines and has a generating capacity of 40 megawatts (MW).

The wind farm began operating in early 2015 and is located on privately owned lands near Strathroy, Ontario, in the Municipality of Adelaide Metcalfe, County of Middlesex. In addition to 18 wind turbines (2.3 MW each), the wind farm consists of meteorological towers, an electrical collection system, a substation and turbine access roads.

In July 2015, Suncor and Aamjiwnaang First Nation announced the Suncor Adelaide Wind Limited Partnership. Under the partnership agreement, Aamjiwnaang First Nation has a 25 per cent interest in the Adelaide Wind Power Project. The Adelaide wind farm will provide Suncor (project operator) the opportunity to be an active member of the local community for the life of the project (20-plus years).


Strathroy is the largest town in proximity to the project and is approximately 5 kilometres away. London, the largest city centre in this area, is approximately 40 kilometres east of the project.

The figure below identifies the location of the project and the area that has been studied.

Suncor Energy Adelaide Wind Power Project map

About Adelaide Wind Power Project

The Adelaide wind farm consists of 18 wind turbines and includes meteorological towers, an electrical collection system, a substation, turbine access roads, and temporary construction facilities.

Public meeting notes

We conducted two public meetings in 2012. Display boards and comments received at these meetings and Suncor’s responses to them can be found in the following PDF documents:

Renewable energy approval, application and supporting documents

On December 11, 2013, we received a Renewable Energy Approval (REA) from the Ministry of the Environment under the Ontario Green Energy Act for the project. This is a major milestone in the development and advancement of our project. Our REA was approved for 18 turbines to be built from 22 possible locations. As a result of consultation activities, potential effects assessment and detailed design/engineering work, we have selected 16, 23, 24 and 28 as the alternate turbines. An alternate turbine location would only be constructed if a primary turbine location could not be constructed for any reason.

Suncor Adelaide REA

(PDF, 28 pages, 3 MB)

Suncor Adelaide REA Amendment

(PDF, 4 pages, 270 KB)

Ontario Energy Board

Adelaide Community Liaison Committee

Suncor established the Adelaide Community Liaison Committee (CLC) to provide the community with regular project updates and to find out more about the construction, installation, use, operation, maintenance, and retirement of our project. Meetings were held in the Township of Adelaide Metcalfe and were open to the public.

Visual simulations

In an effort to help residents better understand the project, Suncor conducted visual simulations at five key locations.

Open House #2 Visual Simulations

(PDF, 14 pages, 3 MB)