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11701 Sherbrooke Street East Montreal, Quebec H1B1C3

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Montreal refinery public notifications are available through the Association industrielle de l’est de Montréal.

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Our Montreal refinery is located in the east end of the island of Montreal and has been part of the community since 1955 when the facility began refining crude oil.

The majority of the oil that our Montreal refinery receives is from inland North American sources, with the rest coming from the east coast off Newfoundland and occasionally from the North Sea. It can be supplied through several channels, including via Enbridge’s Line 9, the Portland Montreal Pipeline, by marine transportation and by rail for inland crudes.

The refinery produces a full range of refined petroleum products that includes gasoline, distillate, heavy fuel oil, solvents, asphalt and petrochemicals. It is also a leading producer of petrochemical products.

Refined products are distributed primarily across Quebec and Ontario and are delivered to distribution terminals and customers via the Trans-Northern Pipeline, truck, rail and marine vessel.

Public notifications from the Montreal refinery

It’s important for us to share information about the operations and activities of our Montreal refinery with our neighbours.

Our public notifications are part of the ongoing dialogue with our neighbours. It allows us to share information about our activities that could affect our neighbouring citizens or in the East Montreal community.

Our Montreal refinery public notifications are available through the Association industrielle de l’est de Montréal.

Scholarship information

We have a scholarship program to build talent and encourage local hiring.

The scholarship is available to eligible candidates who are graduates of Pointe-aux-Trembles, Daniel-Johnson, College St-Jean-Vianney and Calixa Lavallée high schools, who enrol in the Techniques de procédés chimiques program offered by Collège de Maisonneuve.

The scholarships cover tuition fees, the cost of textbooks and other study materials and safety equipment over the full three years of the program.

Once students complete their training, they may be offered a permanent position at Suncor.

Learn more about the scholarship and the eligibility criteria.

Scholarship information

(PDF, 5 pages, 42 KB)

Emergency preparedness

Our plant is built to operate safely and reliably around the clock, 365 days of the year, using the highest industry standards of engineering design. To help ensure you have the information you need to feel prepared in the event of an emergency, please review our emergency preparedness documents.

Reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

The GHG emissions at our Montreal refinery are subject to Quebec’s cap-and trade system, while the Montreal sulphur plant is a voluntary participant of the cap-and-trade system.

Over the past decade, we’ve invested significantly in projects and technologies to lower our base business GHG emissions.

The GHG emission reductions rely on, among other things, our ability to implement and improve energy efficiency at all of our facilities, future development and growth opportunities, development and deployment of new technologies, ability to sequester and capture carbon, investment in low-carbon power and hydrogen, as well as a transition to low-carbon fuels.

How we’re reducing emissions in our base business