A digital technology competition may produce some potential answers for Suncor and the energy industry.

The Clean Resource Innovation Network’s (CRIN) Digital Oil and Gas Technology competition identifies new technologies to help Canada’s energy industry improve safety, efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Finalists will receive funding from the Government of Canada  that totals $5 million spread across the six projects. 

“Suncor is excited to be connected to two of these projects," says Bradley Wamboldt, General Manager of Enterprise Technology at Suncor. “Competitions like CRIN’s will help the industry, and Canada, meet our goals.”

Calgary-based company SensorUp, received funding for a technology solution that connects workers from different business units by putting all information, projects, and teams onto one network to increase productivity. At our Fort Hills site, this could mean every unit involved in operation would use one network. “This technology would allow for easier workflow between units, reduce incidents on site and confusion between different levels of the operation,” added Christina Ellerbeck, Director of Digital Innovation and Development at Suncor. 

Veerum, another Calgary-based company, digitally aggregates all existing operating sites for a company. For Suncor, this means putting all pipelines, refineries, exploration, production and storage facilities on one platform for easier monitoring. Veerum’s technology could enable better operations for our Firebag site. It would reduce time needed to catch any issues and communicate them clearly to the workers on-site. Furthermore, unnecessary field visits could be prevented as assets could be checked remotely. 

“At Suncor, the commitment to keeping our workers safe, improving our base business and progressing net zero goals remain top priorities,” says Wamboldt. “Home-grown technological enhancements such as these have the potential to improve performance, the lives of workers and continue to establish our company as an integrated energy leader.”

Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements around more CRIN technology competitions. Through the federal government’s Strategic Innovation Fund, $80 million has been invested into these competitions, and we look forward to seeing how these technologies could enhance Suncor operations for the future.