At one time or another, we’ve all experienced the profound force of love. As things get tough, we know that if we look next to us, we know that we are not alone with our loved ones standing shoulder-to-shoulder, ready to support us through life’s challenges.

Celebrating its third anniversary in October, Prism is Suncor's Employee Resource Group focused on creating an inclusive work environment and a safe space for all people from the 2SLGBTQ+ community and allies.

Prism members had a busy summer showing up and bringing awareness to the importance of Pride and allyship. They hosted events across our operating sites and at the Calgary office, inviting community partners to participate at the Suncor Energy Centre, and walked in the Calgary Pride parades.

Having Suncor's presence and support for such large events, like Pride YMM, and allyship from leaders helps ensure Suncor is an inclusive workplace.

Prism pop-up booth in the Suncor Energy Centre (SEC) lobby.
Suncor employees engaging with Prism members at their pop-up in the in the SEC lobby

"Knowing our senior leaders are taking time from their workdays and personal lives to support PRISM is motivating to me," says Gary Durtler, Mine Planner, Mining & Upgrading. "Seeing our CFO Kris Smith stop by the PRISM lobby event, and walking in the Calgary Pride Parade alongside Shelley Powell, SVP Operations Improvement & Support Services, Dennis Banks, VP of Mining & Upgrading, and Sylvie Tran, VP of EH&S - Operational Risk Management, shows me that I will be supported in being my authentic self every day that I come to work."

Gary is Prism's communications lead and works with the network steering committee to provide input and quality assurance on Suncor policies and awareness that impact our 2SLGBTQ+ workforce.

"Leading by example is critical, and I hope that in time everyone is proud to show their allyship, be it by joining us for our celebrations in person or even just adding their pronouns to their email signatures," adds Gary. "These simple actions are noticed by those in the community, and they make me feel comfortable coming to work every day as myself."

Kris Smith, Chief Financial Officer & EVP Corporate Development at a Prism table booth set-up in the Suncor Energy Centre (SEC) lobby.
Kris Smith, Chief Financial Officer & EVP Corporate Development, at the Prism pop-up booth in the Suncor Energy Centre (SEC) lobby.

Adam Pommer, Specialist Relations Advisor, is a past volunteer with Prism and was critical in getting the network launched. One of his goals is to remove barriers and hesitancy in the organization towards showcasing allyship. "Although many people would consider themselves an ally, they are hesitant to show that support visibly," explains Adam. "Some ways we can be more visible with our allyship is having a pride poster in our office or a sticker on your hard hat to show your support and make your site an inclusive space."

From meaningful community outreach to internal initiatives that champion inclusivity, we encourage everyone to help shape a brighter, more equitable future for everyone.