Whether you download books or read a hard copy, there's plenty of summer reading lists packed with mysteries, romances, science-fiction or non-fiction to while away the days, at a lake or in the back yard.

And Suncor's annual Report on Sustainability and Climate Report should make some must-read lists.

Margaret Luker, Interim Director for the Fort McKay Sustainability Center, reads both reports cover to cover.

"My job includes looking at Fort McKay Métis Nation's own sustainability reporting and reading these reports demonstrates how companies such as Suncor are meeting their own sustainability goals, values and objectives," says Margaret. "It also shows how Suncor's goals align with our own."

Suncor released the 2022 editions of the Report on Sustainability and Climate Reports on June 22, continuing the decades-long tradition of openly disclosing our sustainability performance.

“These reports are more than just numbers on a page, though the numbers help tell us where we are doing well and where we can find ways to improve,” says Jon Mitchell, Vice President of Sustainability at Suncor. “They tell a story in key areas of our business that will interest many different people, from how we are investing in the communities where we operate to how we will achieve our targets to reduce our emissions.”

Some of the highlights of this year’s reports include: 

Industry-leading environmental performance 

We work to be an industry leader in sustainable energy through continuous improvements in environmental performance across all our assets. More than 90 per cent of the water used at Base Plant, Fort Hills and Suncor’s in-situ operations in 2021 was recycled. In the last 10 years, one tailings pond has been surface reclaimed and two more are advancing to closure. 

Suncor in the community 

Suncor is proud to support the communities we live and work in daily. Our company invested $36 million in community initiatives in 2021 across all the communities we operate in. Suncor’s employees also dedicated almost 80,000 hours (over 3,000 days) to volunteering to improve life in their local communities. These investments and dedication from our employees are key aspects to Suncor’s commitment that goes far beyond our base business.  

Partnering with Indigenous business and communities starts with open and honest relationship building to understand common interests and opportunities for mutual benefit. Along with three First Nations and five Métis communities in Wood Buffalo, we formed the Astisiy partnership to purchase a 15 per cent equity interest in the Northern Courier pipeline asset with a value of approximately $1.3 billion.  

Syncrude integration  

Suncor became the operator of Syncrude in 2021, a critical step in Suncor’s journey towards greater efficiencies and competitiveness across all our oil sands assets. This year’s reports reflect Syncrude’s efforts for the first time. With Syncrude’s strong history of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts, we can share knowledge from both businesses and further our progress on key issues.  

“Sustainability reporting goes well beyond noting the monetary benefits derived by a company’s operations but also notes the benefits these operations have on the three Ps: people, planet and profit,” adds Margaret.

Read the 2022 Report on Sustainability and Climate Report by clicking the link here.