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Lewis at a glance

160,000 barrels per day

The anticipated production of the proposed Lewis project.

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Proposed in situ oil sands development

Lewis is a proposed multi-stage in situ project. Wholly owned by Suncor, the Lewis project is located in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, approximately 25 kilometres northeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta and approximately 18 kilometres southeast of Fort McKay. The total project area is estimated to cover 25,570 hectares or 256 square kilometres; disturbed land area is predicted to be 2,500 hectares or 25 square kilometres.

The project will be developed in stages, with anticipated production of up to a total of 160,000 barrels per day of bitumen during its estimated 25 to 40-year operational life.

We continue to innovate and are exploring new technologies to develop the Lewis resource. The primary option at this time is steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) supported by the cogeneration of electricity.

An application for Lewis was submitted to the Alberta Energy Regulator in February 2018, which received regulatory approval in March 2021.

About Lewis

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The location of the Lewis project and the area that has been studied.

Proposed timeline

We have applied for the regulatory approval of the Lewis project and estimate that construction could begin in 2024, with first oil expected in 2027. This project has not yet been formally sanctioned for construction.

Lewis is considered a valuable addition to our suite of potential in situ growth projects. We are fortunate to have a number of exceptional assets available for future development and will continue to assess Lewis as part of our focused and disciplined growth program. The formal sanctioning decision would come following regulatory approval of the project and would depend upon favourable economic, social and regulatory conditions.

Public consultation

As we prepare for the future, the community continues to be an important part of responsible development. 

We will provide stakeholders with opportunities to participate in an open and transparent consultation process that facilitates engagement, participation and input into the proposed Lewis project.

Information about the project, including upcoming open houses and other updates, will be posted in local newspapers, through community bulletins and by other means.

Responsibility to Indigenous communities

We are committed to listening and communicating directly and openly with Indigenous communities about events, issues and ideas.

An important part of this was updating the existing traditional land use and ecological knowledge by consulting with local Indigenous stakeholders. 

We have and will continue to work closely with Indigenous communities throughout this process seeking to build effective, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

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Environmental stewardship

We will work to incorporate the latest information and technology developments into the Lewis project to minimize our impact on the environment.

The Lewis application to the Alberta Energy Regulator will include a conservation and reclamation plan. We are committed to ultimately returning lands disturbed by our oil sands mining and in situ operations to a self-sustaining boreal forest ecosystem native to the area.

Socio-economic benefits

Suncor works with governments, industry and community groups to develop a coordinated, long-term approach to address social and economic effects of oil sands development.

Suncor’s investment in the Lewis project could benefit nearby communities through:

  • employment opportunities
  • promotion of economic growth and business development
  • valuable revenues for governments
  • education and training
  • community investment