Firebag Plant 92 evaporator towers (left) and boiler feedwater tank (right) during the winter. A steam generator stack is visible behind the feedwater tank.

Firebag at a glance

215,000 barrels per day

Total production capacity at Firebag.


Average number of people typically on site each day.


Cogeneration units capable of producing 425 MW of electricity per hour.

325 MW

Low-cost, low GHG-intensity electric power delivered to Alberta’s electricity grid through our cogeneration units.

Located 120 kilometres northeast of Fort McMurray, Firebag, which takes its name from the leather bag used by Indigenous peoples to carry hot coals for fire-starting purposes, produces up to 215,000 barrels of oil a day. It’s our largest in situ operations, with about 600 wells and a workforce that fly-in from across the country.

As the third commercial in situ steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) facility built in Alberta, Firebag produced its first million barrels in 2004 and reached a 750-million-barrel milestone in 2022.

Cogeneration power at Firebag

Firebag’s five cogeneration units generate approximately 425 MW of low-GHG, low-cost electrical power. Any excess power that is not needed for operations is provided to Alberta’s electricity grid, which helps lower the carbon intensity for the province.

An aerial view of the Firebag in situ project.

Aerial view of Firebag in situ site.