Contractor travel

Contractors coming to a Suncor site should plan their trip with the assistance of their company or their designated travel coordinator. Often pre-access tasks are required to be completed before coming to site; this includes site orientation or having a badge issued and ready for arrival.

Suncor supplier companies are responsible for working with their workforce to ensure they have the information they need before coming to site.


WestJet is the primary provider of Suncor charter flights for employees and contractors who are on a fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) work arrangement and/or to remote Suncor work sites that cannot be accessed by commercial flights.

Travellers who are part of a FIFO program can request travel on Suncor flights by contacting their travel coordinator.

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Ground transportation

We provide ground transportation services for employees and contractors living in the Wood Buffalo region. Suncor's transit system is a safe, reliable and convenient alternative to individual vehicles. All employees and contractors are encouraged to take advantage of the transit system and on-site shuttles.

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To stay at a Suncor lodge, you must have an approved lodge reservation. Contact your designated travel coordinator or Travel Services at 1-866-276-7800 (inside North America) or 1-403-272-7800 (outside of North America), (after choosing a language), select 3 for travel or

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Foreign travel

All foreign contractors/subcontractors travelling to Suncor work sites need to complete a contractor admission assessment form to ensure compliance with the host country’s immigration laws.


  1. Complete the contractor admission assessment form and email it to Workforce Mobility along with the support documentation.
  2. The case will be assessed by our immigration provider and your Workforce Mobility Advisor will communicate the results and next steps.
  3. The contractor/subcontractor will receive the required application package or documentation to ensure compliance and facilitate entry.
  4. Suncor is responsible for ensuring all foreign contractors/subcontractors are immigration compliant.

For questions, please email