Invoices and payments

Invoice submission requirements

Suppliers should review the invoice submission requirements to understand the information required for correct invoice submission.

All subsidiaries, including Terra Nova and Suncor’s international operations, except Syncrude, should follow the invoice submission requirements.

  • Registered suppliers on SAP Ariba or Fieldglass must submit invoices through these systems.
  • Non-contract suppliers – those without a purchase order, and/or invoiced based suppliers, like doctors, carriers, freight, or trucking – should submit invoices directly to Accounts Payable.

We have a standard payment term of 60 days from date of the invoice (net 60) unless otherwise agreed upon within a contract.

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Invoice support

Supplier help

Our supplier help team is accountable for addressing invoice payment status inquiries for invoices submitted via Accounts Payable, SAP Ariba or Fieldglass. Please email to initiate a help ticket.

When submitting a ticket, please include the invoice and purchase order number, a clear explanation of the issue and all pertinent information related to your inquiry to improve service levels. For Fieldglass inquiries, please include your Fee ID in addition to your invoice number.

Syncrude invoice submission

Guidelines for Syncrude suppliers

  • Invoices/charges related to Suncor Energy (Syncrude) Operating Inc. (SESOI) or Syncrude Canada Limited (SCL) will be managed using existing Syncrude systems and processes (as outlined in the contract).
  • Where possible, please submit invoices via the appropriate email address so we can reduce the associated processing times. Hard copy invoices tend to take longer.
  • All invoices/inquiries must be submitted to the revised email account addresses or Canada Post mail/courier addresses outlined in the tables below.

Syncrude contacts

Supplier invoice inquiries

Supplier master change requests

Supplier master team communications

FastEmail onboarding and troubleshooting

Electronic invoice submission

Electronic invoice submission if registered in Basware

Hard copy supplier invoices

Syncrude Accounts Payable
Drop Box 6060
c/o Suncor Energy Inc
P.O. Box 2844
150 - 6 Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 3E3

Syncrude invoicing and payment support

Payment status can be viewed via Track Invoice. In addition to your SCM representative, any invoice inquires can be directed to Please include all relevant details to improve service levels.

Keep supplier information up to date

For registered suppliers on SAP Ariba, information should be updated through Ariba. Service providers must also update their information in SAP Fieldglass.

For all non-contract suppliers, please update information through your Suncor contact support.