Supplier management

Our procurement processes and the management of our supplier relationships are conducted using SAP’s Ariba and Fieldglass systems. These cloud-based, self-serve systems enable us to collaborate with suppliers while enabling ease of access for suppliers to ensure their information and documentation is current.

Suppliers interested in being a goods or services supplier must first complete and submit the prospective supplier intake form. If your capabilities match our business needs, you may be contacted to complete the supplier registration and prequalification process.


Suppliers can only complete the registration process at the request of our supply chain team.

The registration process on SAP Ariba is as follows:

  • registration
  • pre-qualification
  • qualification
  • annual recertification/qualification process
  • maintaining company information and documents (i.e. business contacts and banking information).

For more information about our supplier registration process and how to get your questions answered, refer to Suncor’s Ariba Quick Start Guide.


All suppliers must pre-qualify to perform work or to provide goods or services to Suncor. A supplier will be asked to complete a set of pre-qualification questions through SAP Ariba. These high-level organization questions are needed in order to be be asked to register with Suncor and participate in any sourcing events.

Pre-qualification does not mean or imply any right to work at Suncor; it simply places your company’s name on a list of suppliers eligible to be selected to work for Suncor.

The information you provide will help assess your company’s environmental, health and safety performance, quality systems and financial strength.

Suncor’s suppliers are required to comply with our policies, procedures and criteria including, but not limited to, meeting our insurance requirements, drug and alcohol policy and environmental, health and safety (EH&S) criteria. During your pre-qualification process we will provide you with more information about these requirements.

For more information on the pre-qualification process check out our Ariba Quick Start Guide.

Account management

To work with Suncor on SAP’s Ariba and Fieldglass platforms, each supplier must assign an account administrator from their organization. These designated administrators are required to manage company information and documentation, receive important and timely communication from Suncor, plus manage the qualification process on each platform.

Suppliers can choose to have one administrator for both SAP Ariba and Fieldglass or assign a separate individual for each platform.

Check out the information including FAQs in our Ariba Quick Start Guide. If you are still having issues, submit a ticket to supplier enablement and provide a screen shot of your error so we can investigate further. Otherwise, please contact your Ariba Administrator or the SAP Ariba Help Center.


All suppliers require one Ariba Network ID to complete the registration / management process with Suncor.

Service providers

All service providers require SAP Ariba and Fieldglass accounts and a designated administrator for both platforms.

Goods suppliers

All goods suppliers will either transact with Suncor via email or suppliers with significant transaction volumes will be asked to register and transact with Suncor on SAP’s Ariba Business Network.

Having issues accessing your account?

Submit a ticket to supplier enablement and provide a screen shot of your error so we can investigate further. Otherwise, please contact your Ariba Administrator or the SAP Ariba Help Center.

Supplier Code of Conduct

In doing business with Suncor, we expect all suppliers and their workforce to understand and follow our Supplier Code of Conduct and related policies.

Supplier Code of Conduct

(PDF, 30 pages, 4 MB)