Resources for goods suppliers

Goods suppliers transact with us via email or SAP Ariba Network. Suppliers with significant transaction volumes will be asked to register and transact with Suncor on SAP Ariba Network.

Transacting with Suncor

After completing the supplier registration process, suppliers requested to transact with us on SAP Ariba Network will receive an email to join and register. Suppliers can only register with Suncor on SAP Ariba Network at our request.

On SAP Ariba Network, suppliers

  • register and configure their Suncor account
  • receive and confirm purchase orders
  • submit material purchase order invoices through Ariba Network.

Suppliers transacting by email

Goods includes standard material orders issued for the purchase of equipment, machinery, parts and supplies.

Contracting terms and conditions

Go to sourcing and contracting for a listing of our contracting terms and conditions.

Routing guide

All purchase orders for goods which involve transportation and shipment of goods or materials shall be completed in accordance with our routing guide,* unless otherwise specified in a purchase order.

Routing guide

(PDF, 7 pages, 266 KB)

*Suncor’s routing guide is a password protected live document, receiving periodic updates, of which the specifics may not always be communicated to all internal or external stakeholders. It is the responsibility of the user requiring these services to access the website to view and download the most current version of this document at the time of each and every shipment. Contact your procurement representative for instructions on how to access this file.

Resources for suppliers transacting with Suncor on SAP Ariba Network

Manage goods and materials purchase orders

All suppliers transacting with Suncor on SAP Ariba Network must use the SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration application for purchase orders and return purchase orders, however, only select suppliers will use the additional subcontracting and consignment features.

We use four purchase order processes with suppliers

1. Direct purchase orders

All suppliers must use the direct purchase order process for all standard goods orders issued for the purchase of equipment, machinery, parts and supplies.

2. Return purchase orders

Accommodate the return of goods from Suncor to suppliers. All suppliers must use the return purchase order process when applicable.

3. Subcontracting purchase orders

This process must be used by suppliers that support material subcontracting, for the refurbishment and fabrication of materials.

4. Consignment purchase orders

Track materials on consignment and send invoices for consignment movements. This process must used by suppliers with consignment purchase orders.

For more information about the processes and links to learning resources, refer to Suncor’s Ariba Network Quick Start Guide.

Ariba Network Quick Start Guide

(PDF, 9 pages, 442 KB)