Our Commerce City refinery in Colorado, U.S., is soaring high after participating in the 2023 Plane Pull at Denver International Airport. By pulling the plane 12-feet across the tarmac, the Commerce City refinery team got to show off both their strength and support for the 20,000 Special Olympics athletes from Colorado.
A team of 25 people pulling a plane with a rope across the airport tarmac
A team of 25 Suncor employees pulling the plane 12-feet across the tarmac

This wasn't the first time Suncor Energy (U.S.A.) Inc. joined forces for the Plane Pull, and the connection with the cause resonates deeply within the company.

Brandy Radey, Sr. Relations Advisor, who helped set up this event, says, "it’s a signature fundraiser for Special Olympics Colorado, and with the interconnections for Suncor, it aligns well with our local community investment strategy”.

"While the event takes place in Denver, there's a heartfelt link to Canada as well—Petro-Canada, a Suncor brand, is a proud sponsor of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic teams, creating a sense of shared purpose across borders”.

Denver International Airport holds a significant place in Suncor's operations. We play a pivotal role in keeping flights soaring as a major supplier of jet fuel for the airport – the third busiest in the United States.

The Plane Pull wasn't just about flexing muscles to move an aircraft; it was an opportunity for Suncor to engage its employees in the community. "This event was just a great opportunity for us to get our employees excited about community involvement," says Brandy.

Nearly 25 employees fundraised for Special Olympics Colorado and proudly wore their SunCares T-shirts while putting their strength to good use for a noble cause.

A group of Suncor employees at the Plane Pull event
The group of Suncor employees in their SunCares shirts ready for the Plane Pull fundraising event

Suncor invested $10,000 in sponsorship for the event as a demonstration of commitment, highlighting their dedication to supporting initiatives that bring communities together. The sight of employees, alongside their friends and family, pulling together for a shared purpose was a testament to our commitment to fostering a strong sense of community engagement among our workforce.

While employees’ participation during the event speaks volumes about the enthusiasm and dedication exhibited by team members, Suncor's involvement in the Plane Pull for Special Olympics Colorado goes beyond a corporate gesture; it signifies a genuine commitment to social responsibility and community empowerment.