Employee giving

Suncor employees in the community.
A woman is smiling. She is holding a notebook and pen and is wearing a white Suncares volunteer shirt. There are green trees in the background.

Employee giving at a glance

Where would we be without volunteers? They are the helpers, the healers and the friendly faces who selflessly support others, and we're proud to have many people within Suncor who give their time to their communities.

SunCares, supported by Suncor and the Suncor Energy Foundation (SEF), inspires our employees to contribute to communities and support the causes that are important to them. SunCares amplifies employee contributions to communities through volunteering, matching, and SunCares Community Giving Networks (SCGNs).

Please note that SunCares is only available to employees and retirees.

How Suncor Makes a Difference in the communities we work in.

Volunteering and rewards

Volunteer rewards

Employees and retirees who volunteer in their communities can earn up to $2,000/year to donate to any community organization in SunCares. There is no volunteer time minimum. Volunteer hours can be tracked at any time throughout the year.

Examples of how employees and retirees can earn volunteer rewards

  • Volunteering at a food bank with your coworkers
  • Participating in a fundraising run/walk/bike event
  • Donating blood
  • Coaching your child’s athletic team or volunteering at their school
  • Volunteering on the board of directors for any eligible community organization
  • Community acts of caring, including shovelling your neighbours’ walk, participating in community clean-ups and helping a sick neighbour with their groceries.

Rewards are NOT eligible for

  • Employee leisure pursuits that are not for the benefit of a charitable or non-profit organization
  • Adult sport and recreational teams/leagues
  • Professional sports teams
  • Political parties or candidates
  • Professional development organizations
  • Individual pursuits or research.
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Four men in white Suncares volunteer shirts. They are  standing in front of a sorting table at the Calgary Food bank

Employee volunteers of the SunCares program at the Calgary Food bank


Employees and retirees can search for volunteer opportunities in SunCares or create and share a volunteer opportunity with coworkers. Employees are also eligible to take two half days off per year for volunteering. See the Suncor Time Off for Volunteering Policy for eligibility. Don’t forget to track your volunteer time in SunCares to earn volunteer rewards to donate to any community organization in SunCares of your choice.

Download a quick reference guide:

Milestone rewards

Canadian employees celebrating a company milestone year or retiring can choose to have the value of their Milestone Award gift donated to a registered Canadian charitable organization. More details about this option can be found in the information sent to Milestone Award recipients.

Three women and one man in white Suncares volunteer shirts. They are standing in a green field area of Birchwood Trails in Fort McMurray. They are holding yellow garbage bag and garbage pickers in their hands.

Suncares volunteers doing a community clean up at Birchwood Trails in Fort McMurray.

Donations and matching

Suncor and SEF match all employee and retiree donations made to community organizations in SunCares up to $2,000/year. All donations made in SunCares are matched automatically. Donations made outside of SunCares can still be matched by submitting a donation receipt. Employees can donate year-round to any community organization of their choice. Contractors are not eligible for donation matching but can still donate through the Community Impact Portal.

Download a quick reference guide

How to request a donation match

(PDF, 256 KB)

SunCares Community Giving Network

The SunCares Community Giving Network (SCGN) is an employee-driven network rooted in employee choice and participation. The SCGN empowers employees to connect, lead and engage in their communities year-round.

Regional SCGNs are employee-led and support employee participation by creating flexible, inclusive giving activities that meet the unique needs of their business, employees and local communities.

The Bridge Builders SCGN are Suncor employees who contribute their knowledge and expertise to Community Investment and the Suncor Energy Foundation and community-based initiatives that support better outcomes for society overall.

If you are a Suncor employee, please access SunCares to participate in your regional network activities. This includes making a financial contribution and/or recording your volunteer time.

If you are a Suncor employee  and you want to volunteer for your regional network, email  suncares@suncor.com. Participants in any SCGN create volunteer opportunities, organize fundraising events, offer employee skills to community partners and promote community-based activities locally.

If you are a Suncor retiree, contractor or member of the Suncor community and wish to participate in a network, please access the Community Impact Portal.

Suncor retirees

If you volunteer in your community and would like to learn how you can earn rewards through the SunCares program, please email suncares@suncor.com.

If you are a Suncor retiree and would like to participate in Suncor’s SunCares Community Giving Network, please access the Community Impact Portal.

If you are a Suncor retiree and would like to apply for a bereavement grant, please email suncares@suncor.com and provide the following details:

  • Retiree’s name, email and phone number
  • Copy of the obituary or link to the obituary

Quick reference guides

How to update your profile

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